• Can I test NIAflow?

    Answer: NIAflow Basic is free of charge and can be downloaded after registration. It can be used indefinite but is limited in objects and functions.
  • Can I use NIAflow offline?

    Answer: Yes. Up to 30 days you can use NIAflow offline. After this period NIAflow has to connect to the server to confirm your license.
  • Can I use NIAflow on multiple computers?

    Answer: You can use one license on one computer only. If you install NIAflow on a second computer the license on the first one will be cancelled.
  • Can I open a project, created with a professional version, with NIAflow Basic?

    Answer: You can view and print the project according to the settings in the file but not edit it.
  • NIAflow doesn’t start after new installation

    If the NIAflow.log file reports "WebserviceHelper.HasConnection=False" then firewall settings could prevent NIAflow from contacting the webservice and confirming your license. Set firewall to enable communication to IP through port 443.
  • Cannot find the NIAflow.log file

    The log file can be found in "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\NIAflow"
  • General problems during first startup of NIAflow

    During the first startup of NIAflow your copy will be activated. For a successful activation of the program it is required that:
    • You use the same email address and password you have used during registration at the web page.
    • Your computer is connected to the internet to verify your licensing data.
    • You have signed in to Windows with your regular user account (If NIAflow has been installed under a different account e.g. an admin account of your IT personnel please sign in with your regular account prior to starting NIAflow. Otherwise the licensing check may fail)
  • I did not receive the confirmation email with the activation link after registration.

    Due to filter settings of your email or your corporate email it may have been sent to spam. Please, look for the confirmation email in your spam folder and try to activate.
  • NIAflow startup fails with time-out error or socket connection error.

    The problem occurs behind modern firewalls that use SSL decoding and encoding of incoming traffic. Apps like ours that have to secure their data traffic (e.g. due to online paying features) do not allow SSL decoding of their data. Please have your IT personell setup a SSL decoding exception for the target NIAflow.com.