The Basic version of NIAflow provides you with an easy indroduction into the new flow sheet programm.

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Take advantage of the Aggregate version of NIAflow. This software allows you to simulate typical aggregate and sand & gravel processing plants wet or dry.

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The mining business: high tonnage and expansive plants with limited recources. The NIAflow Mining version optimizes your plant simulation whether you have one or multiple plants.

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Compare NIAflow Versions

NIAflow Basic

The Basis of Professional Process Simulation

Mining Process

NIAflow Basic is a free simulation software for the mineral processing industry. With its intuitive graphical interface it can model and calculate simple dry, mechanical processes focused on crushing and screening.

By using NIAflow, up to 10 machines can be represented in a printable flow chart and the mass flow can be calculated. On the basis of these calculations, machine-specific labels are displayed with the current data. Process optimization, pre-calculation of product or even the engineering of complete plants are thus supported. Besides the basic machines for processing mineral raw materials, the entire HAVER & BOECKER equipment portfolio is already deposited in the object list. It also comprises a classifying screen design with up to 4 decks.

NIAflow Basic can be used to become acquainted with the program for free, for a process simulation of smaller plants with up to 10 objects and for the use in lectures at technical colleges and universities.

The following equipment and functions are included in the basic version:

Available Equipments

  • Stockpile
  • Silo
  • Mining Truck
  • Front Loader
  • Road Truck
  • 2 Way Splitter
  • 3 Way Splitter
  • 1 Deck Screen
  • 2 Deck Screen
  • 3 Deck Screen
  • 4 Deck Screen
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Hydro-Clean
  • Friction Clean
  • Pelletizing Disk
  • Big Bag Packer
  • Rotary Packer
  • Bag Palette
  • Text Box

Available Functions

  • User friendly GUI
  • Dynamic Label Function
  • PSD spline interpolation
  • Flow sheet print
  • Project list
  • Numeric open area input for screen media

NIAflow Aggregates

Digital Process Simulation for the Gravel and Sand Industry

Gravel and Sand Industry

Aggregates is the extensive full version of the NIAflow simulation software for processing plants in the aggregates as well as the gravel and sand industries. Contrary to the basic version NIAflow Basic, the object number of machines on the drawing sheet is not limited. Thus large plants for wet and dry processing of mineral raw materials can be shown schematically.

In NIAflow Aggregates, all common machines and objects of the aggregates and the gravel and sand industries are already available. The simulation program can be used to calculate closed circuits. Moreover, it has access to data of more than 8,000 screening media and enables a classifying screen design with more than four decks.

NIAflow Aggregates is suitable for the output of complete project lists and enables the creation of tender documents. A full print mode also enables the presentation of all acquired data on paper documents. Besides the license, this version and every higher software version include an annual service package for a full maintenance of the software.

The following equipment and functions are included in the Aggregates version, additional to the Basic version:

Available Equipments

  • Silo Truck
  • Water Tank
  • Excavator Ship
  • Pond
  • Water Tap
  • Belt Conveyer
  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Reciprocating Feeder
  • Apron Feeder
  • Pipe Splitter 2x
  • Pipe Splitter 3x
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Screw
  • Rotary Valve
  • Chute
  • Stationary Grid
  • Grizzly Feeder
  • Roller Screen
  • Sieve Bent
  • Cone Crusher
  • Roll Crusher
  • HSI
  • VSI
  • Washing Drum
  • Bucket Wheel
  • Sand Screw
  • Log Washer
  • Hydro Cyclone
  • Pump Sump
  • Pump
  • Chamber Filter Press
  • Belt Filter Press
  • Thickener
  • Flocculence Unit
  • Blade Clarifier
  • Disc Filter
  • Centrifuge
  • Plant

Available Functions

  • Equipment status management
  • Plant and solution import
  • Plant management
  • Object edit validation
  • Unlimited number of objects
  • Wet and dry processing
  • Closed circuits calculation
  • Blended screen decks calculation
  • Screening media Library
  • Multiple units
  • Easy label
  • Extended label set
  • Object print
  • Tender print
  • Plant paint specification
  • Object undelete
  • Label layers

NIAflow Mining

Simulation Software for Processes in the Mining Industry

Mining Industry

The simulation program NIAflow Mining complements the Aggregates full version for application in the Mining Industry. In this full version for Mining, further machines can be selected. In addition there is another comminution and classification equipment as well as machines for sorting mineral raw materials.

Additional fittings and appliances complement the installation planning on the drawing sheet.

The NIAflow Mining portfolio is also complemented by the possibility of exporting object data sheets.

The following objects and functions are included in the Mining version, additional to the Aggregate version:

Available Equipments

  • Sag Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Rod Mill
  • Rotary Crusher
  • Jig
  • Upstream Sorter
  • Optical Sorter
  • Air Separator
  • Magnetic Belt Separator
  • Eddy Current Separator
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Flotation Cell
  • Spiral
  • Bag House
  • Aero Cyclone
  • Air Blower
  • Vent
  • Silo Top Filter
  • Funnel
  • Hand Valve
  • Motor Valve
  • Pneumatic Valve
  • Hydraulic Valve
  • Float Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Conveyer Scale
  • Pressure Gage
  • Level Control
  • Bulk level Control
  • Flow Meter
  • Switch Cabinet
  • Mixer
  • Drum Dryer
  • Drum Cooler
  • Fluidized Bed Dryer

Available Functions

  • Sorting by size, density, color, shape, magnetic properties and froth-floatability