NIAflow is a simulation software for all kinds of mineral processing applications. With its intuitive graphical interface it can model and calculate entire plants. NIAflow supports dry and wet crushing, screening and sorting processes .

NIAflow makes it easy to design processes and optimize your profit. The graphical interface allows the creation of your process in a simple and intuitive way. Whether you are dealing with existing plants or new projects, you can test different settings and scenarios right away. Thus saving you time and money to setup your machinery. NIAflow's user selectable detailing level stores all plant related data in one spot. With its comprehensive print and documenting features you will have all information at your fingertips.



Sand Wash Plant

The plant receives a clay contaminated slurry. By means of a bucket wheel, hydro cyclone and a dewatering screen a 0 - 4 mm sand is produced. The process water is recycled and a clay filter cake is stockpiled.

Sand Wash Plnat

Crushing Plant

Three stage lime stone crushing plant set up in three individual plants. Secondary and tertiary plant featuring closed crushing circuits.

Crushing Plant

Agglomeration Plant

Pelletizing plant for agricultural limestone prills. The plant receives limestone filter dust from other processes. By means of a mixer, pelletizing disc and a fluidized bed dryer mechanically stable pellets are being produced. Due to it's special mixture the pelletes quickly desolve when exposed to rain.

Pelletizing Plant



Calculate mass balance

Calculate material flow through processing machinery in wet or dry circuits. NIAflow differs type of material bulk material, slurry and water, indicated by line colors.

Simulate sorting

Sorting is available by density, color, shape, magnetic or metal content. Typical sorting devices are for example the hydro cyclone and the upstream sorter. For each sorting device a cut function can be set up.

Calculate closed circuits

Typical crushing and grinding applications work in closed circuits to fully utilize the machinery and increase the overall efficiency. NIAflow repeats its calculation cycle until a stable mass balance is reached.

Number of objects

Each object in NIAflow represents an individual type of machine or device. The ‘MINING’ version supports any number of objects. Identical objects can be represented by just one.

Specify plants

Objects can be placed in different plants. Plants are defined by individual operating schedule.


Drag & Drop

Design your flow sheet by simply dragging objects onto the drawing area and connecting them with one another. Connecting lines represent materials flowing between objects.

Limits and specifications

For comparison purposes add PSD’s of specifications or field data to your objects. Crushing and grinding equipment also supports alternative product PSD’s which can be setup in different operation modes.


Several machines like screens and belt-conveyers can be sized using NIAflow’s build-in routines.


Display object data

All object or material related data can be displayed in dynamic labels. Label content is being adjusted automatically with each calculation run.

Label layers

Labels can be grouped in layers which can be turned on or off. With label layers different print-outs can be created from the same source, while keeping your flowsheet clean and structured.


Define printouts

Printouts can be setup individually for the flowsheet and project summary.

Flow sheet print

The flow sheet is printed showing the currently active label layers. Together with the label layer function the flow sheet can be printed with different depth of information.

Project print

The project print is a comprehensive summary of all plants- and object-data. It also features equipment lists and a project history. Three detailing levels are available to either keep the information basic or show all details.

All NIAflow Objects

All objects avaiable in NIAflow, depending of the version you are registrated for.

All objects


The Basic version of NIAflow provides you with an easy indroduction into the new flow sheet programm.

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The professional version of NIAflow featuring 87 mineral processing objects. Single or multiple plants can be set simulated for reliable performance forecasts.

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Adel Vatandoost

The process simulation software "NIAflow" developed by H&B provides a robust process flow design and fast scenario analysis. It gives all tools that you need to develop, characterise and optimise a mineral processing plant in a single software package. The professional reporting and accurate mass balancing are some of the features that can assist in proper selection of equipment(s) that are fit for purpose.

Adel Vatandoost
Senior Geometallurgist at Fortescue Metals Group

Jürgen Krellmann

With just a few clicks, the process design is created and the modeling of the material flows can begin. Regardless of whether you are designing systems or optimizing existing systems, you do not forget anything and material circuits can be determined reliably. It is a great advantage to save your own machine parameter groups and upload them into the current flow sheet. I like the fact that regarding the calculation of screening results, the unavoidable misplaced material is determined on the basis of the selected screen media and thus real mass flows are taken into account in the process design.

Jürgen Krellmann
Process Engineer HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH